Your organization has unique needs which require unique solutions. Megan Lewis Creative offers the opportunity to walk through a completely customized visual communications solution with you. What is visual communications you ask? Simply put, it is communicating visually. Specifically, we specialize in graphic design, photography, and film. Using these three tools of visual communications, we are able to tell the story of your organization, we can craft a narrative that resonates with partners, shareholders, and customers. 

Our mission is to help others through our work, whether that be a non-profit looking to raise funds, a small business trying to make its mark on a huge marketplace, or an individual wanting to tell their story.

Stories are powerful, we all have one, and we all have a responsibility to tell ours. Let us help you share yours.


Graphic Design

Having good design sets you apart and communicates professionalism. In a culture where the marketplace is saturated with information and competition, having a clear and concise brand is essential to a thriving organization. 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I couldn't agree more. A well crafted photo is so much more than an image, but a story. Photography is not about taking, or caputuring a photo, but creating a story through a single frame.



Film is one of the most powerful tools of story-telling. It gives you the opportunity to craft a narrative through colour, light, melody, movement, and words. Each of these are the building blocks of film, and when used harmoniously, the result is incredible.