Christmas Gift Guide: For Moms

Oh my gosh! I know I already said it, but how the heck is it already the Christmas season? It's only a month and a half until Christmas and, to be honest, I haven't even started my shopping. But hopefully this gift guide will be helpful to you in your shopping. 

Can we all just agree that moms are the best ever?! My mom has sacrificed so much in raising myself and my three siblings. So do me a favour and show you mom a little extra love this Christmas. If your mom is anything like mine, she will probably hate that you spent money on her, but mom's deserve to be spoiled! 

Hopefully this will make your Christmas shopping a little less stressful! I have linked all of the items below.


01. Perfume   02. Sisterhood Book   03. Vegan Leather Tote   04. Goats Milk Soap   05. Blanket Scarf   06. Essential Oil   07. Copper Flatware   08. Earrings  09. Necklace   10. Watch   11. Candles


Happy Shopping xx,