Christmas Gift Guide: For Moms

Oh my gosh! I know I already said it, but how the heck is it already the Christmas season? It's only a month and a half until Christmas and, to be honest, I haven't even started my shopping. But hopefully this gift guide will be helpful to you in your shopping. 

Can we all just agree that moms are the best ever?! My mom has sacrificed so much in raising myself and my three siblings. So do me a favour and show you mom a little extra love this Christmas. If your mom is anything like mine, she will probably hate that you spent money on her, but mom's deserve to be spoiled! 

Hopefully this will make your Christmas shopping a little less stressful! I have linked all of the items below.


01. Perfume   02. Sisterhood Book   03. Vegan Leather Tote   04. Goats Milk Soap   05. Blanket Scarf   06. Essential Oil   07. Copper Flatware   08. Earrings  09. Necklace   10. Watch   11. Candles


Happy Shopping xx,

Gifts that Give Back

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only two month away. Now, maybe some of you think I am totally jumping the gun on this, but, we're nothing if we aren't prepared, right?

I am the worst gift buyer ever. I get stressed out about finding the perfect gift, then I procrastinate, and then it is a week before Christmas, and I end up buying people tea, again. (Shout out to my sister in law who has gotten a ton of tea from me). 

These gift guides have saved my life over the last number of years, so here is one for you that is a little bit special. All of the gifts in this gift guide give back in some way, shape or form. There is nothing better than a gifts that gives. Below are a few of my faves. I have linked them all in below, so you can find them! Enjoy!



First Ever!

Drum roll please...



I am going my first ever giveaway! (Cue cheering). I am giving away a 45 minute photo session! You can get photos with your family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, or random people you find on the street! The last option could be really interesting.


To enter email me here with the subject line: Megan's First Giveaway! Tell me your name, and who you want to get your photos taken with.

For a second chance to win head over to my Instagram and check out my giveaway post. 

Contest closes Friday, November 10th at midnight. Winners will be announced Monday, November 13.

The more the people in your group enter, the better chance you have of winning, so make sure you share this with them! 

From My Kitchen: Homemade Salsa

I love homemade salsa. Good tortilla chips and salsa are a staple snack in my home. My entire life I grew up with homemade salsa always on hand. Here is the recipe I stole from my mom, and it is definitely worth the work!


Note: When peeling the tomatoes, be sure the put them in a colander, as to remove an excess liquid, and avoid soupy salsa.


Another Note: I like my salsa spicy, so I will leave one chili pepper in each jar before I process the them.


Botanical DIY

One thing you should know about me is, I love all things wood! My favourite designs incorporate vintage elements with a modern and clean feel. These botanical hanging prints are the perfect way to liven up my otherwise extremely boring office. 


This is a super easy DIY, and there are a ton of free botanical artwork available for download online. Find the one (or in my case, six) you like, download it, and you are good to go!

Here are the things you will need for this DIY.


01. Your Botanical Prints (mine are 9x11)
02. Dowels (I got three 8 foot dowels)
03. Hand Saw
04. Sand Paper
05. Stain
06. Small Paintbrush
07. Twine (or rope, depending on how big you are making your prints)


Step One: Measure out your dowels and cut them to size. I did them one inch longer than the width of my prints, so I would have an extra half inch on each side of the print. 


Step Two: The ends of your dowels are going to be a bit rough, so sand them down and round out the edges. 


Step Three: Stain your dowels. Don't forget the stain the ends of them!


Step Four: Staple your prints from behind to the back of side of you dowels. Staple one dowe on the top, and one on the bottom.

Step Five: Cut your twine to size, depending on how long you like it to be. Tie the ends of each side of the twine in a knot, and staple that to the back of the top dowel.


Step Six: Hang them up! I used brass thumb tacks, but you can use whatever you like!


Happy creating!

Dave & Tomana: 40 Years

Dave and Tomana have been my pastors for the past ten years, and for the last five years I have had the privilege of working with them at Southgate Church. They are some of the most loving, humble, and giving people that I have ever met.

On July 31, along with their family and close friends, they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. It was such an honour to be there and document this night for them.